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September 13, 2016

Secret for a Long and Happy Marriage

Category: Health – Bertha 7:43 am

Troy is a quiet man of few words and dislikes idle chit-chat. His wife Clara is a non-stop talker and complainer. They have been happily married for over 50 years. What’s their secret? Troy’s hearing began to diminish after about 20 years of marriage, a casualty of long work hours at the sawmill. The long hours away from Clara and the slow and steady decline of Troy’s hearing kept the couple together until he retired a few years ago. Now controlled hearing keeps the aging couple together and happy. Clara can talk and complain all she wants and the hearing aids Manchester Troy wears in both ears allows them to happily occupy the same room at the same time. He turns them on, off, up and down as desired, hearing what he wants to hear and filtering out the chatter he can live without.

September 12, 2016

Artistic Triumph

Category: Property – Bertha 3:45 am

Sara and Minerva had been friends for years. Every Wednesday evening since either of them could remember they had gotten together to do craft projects. Time changes many people, but it never changed their friendship. One day Minerva told Sara that her husband had filed for divorce and she started to cry. Sara picked up the plate in front of her and threw it on the ground. She was so mad that Minerva’s husband would do that to her dear friend. Startled, Minerva looked at Sara then started cleaning the mess of broken glass up. Staring at the pretty blue plate broken in to many pieces all over the floor, she suddenly had an idea. They could use it as recycled glass media to put in a craft project. Why let it go to waste? Going to get supplies to start the project she knew that sometimes relationships end, but friends like Sara were forever.

August 9, 2016

My Cure for Neck Pain

Category: Health – Bertha 11:26 am

I had been suffering from neck pain for as long as I could remember throughout my adult life. I had a lot of tension in my neck due to sitting at a desk all day for work and then leading a stressful life outside of work. It seemed nothing would help until I learned about thai massage Manchester. My sister had started going to relieve her back pain and boasted about the benefits she received. She was able to do more and she also became more active with her kids. When she realized I was suffering from neck pain she told me about this massage and explained to me what all is involved. Working passively on my muscles with someone expertly trained in this can relieve muscle tension and improve muscle flexibility. I decided to give it a try and now I am forever changed by this experience. The neck tension and muscle soreness is gone and I feel almost 100% improved.

August 6, 2016

A Refreshing Drink

Category: Business – Bertha 8:40 am

I do not think that there is any drink that is as refreshing as water is. I do not think that there is anything that I would rather drink when I am thirsty and ready for something that can refresh me than water. I have recently set myself up with the water filtration media that I need so that I can have water available at all times. I got myself set up with all that I need so that I can always have clean water ready and available. I am happy with the way that things are going for me. I am happy that I always have access to the most refreshing drink. Water is everything to me, and I need to have a way of accessing it at all times.

August 5, 2016

Mary’s Good Luck

Category: Gardening – Bertha 5:48 am

It had been a long year for Mary after she lost her husband Joe. Everything she saw reminded her of him and the bills were piling up. She had so many worries but the loneliness was the hardest part. Oh how she missed him. One of their hobbies together was rock collecting. One day she was at a yard sale and she happened upon a small box of rocks. They were dirty but for a price of just two dollars it was a bargain. Taking them home she put some silica sand in a coffee can and put the rocks inside with the sand. Back and forth she rolled the can letting the sand polish the rocks. She took the rocks out to look at them. They sparkled more then any rocks she had ever seen. Shocked, she had to take a second look. They were diamonds! As a tear rolled down her cheek, she knew her husband was still taking care of her even in heaven. Maybe miracles do still happen.

August 4, 2016

Finding My Help

Category: Business – Bertha 10:35 am

I need all of the promotional help that I can get. I need to have people who will step in and work for me, helping me get my company out there. When I was recently looking for promo girls Manchester to help me out, I knew that those that I chose to hire had to be willing to put in a lot of effort. They had to be willing to tackle the job with all that they had to give. I am so happy with the help that I have found. My help is strong and courageous. Those that I hired are not afraid of anything. They put all that they have to give into the job that I have for them and they do what they can in order to help me get my name out there.

August 3, 2016

Doing the Job that They Should be Doing

Category: Marketing – Bertha 3:45 am

When I hire someone on to work for me, I expect them to do the job that I have for them and to do that without complaining about it. I recently had the chance to hire on a team of hostesses Manchester, and I was very happy with each of those individuals who came to work for me. Those that I hired are committed to doing the job that they should be doing. These individuals are the kind of people who will work hard at all of the tasks that I give them. I am happy to have a dedicated team working for me and I am excited for all that the future brings because of them. Those that I hired are ready to do what it takes to help me succeed with my business.

August 2, 2016

Turning My Interest in Cosmetics Into A Career

Category: Careers – Bertha 2:41 am

I was always the one in the family most interested in visiting the cosmetics counter at our local department store. So when I was recently looking to make a career change, I decided to investigate how feasible it was to pursue employment as a bridal makeup artist Manchester. I thought that my career opportunities might be limited since I wasn’t based either in Hollywood or New York, where most of the television and theatrical productions take place that use these kinds of professionals.

But I was delighted to discover that my talents in knowing how to apply the right kinds of makeup to make an individual look even more attractive offered me several different directions to go in. I could freelance as an artist specializing in makeovers and teach women how to properly make up their face using quality cosmetics to accent their best features. Employment at department stores, photography studios and beauty salons offered additional avenues to make a successful living at this profession.